About Ashlee House Cleaning in London

Ashlee House Cleaning is a professional cleaning services provider based in London. We cover all cleaning needs of residents and businesses located in Greater London.

We have started out as a small company founded by a soon to get married couple. During the years we have grown into a big family of excellent cleaners and many loyal customers.

We've put a lot of effort in finding the best cleaning implements and detergents. After a thorough research, testing out and customers' feedback, we've found what we were looking for. Now we work with the leaders among the cleaning products suppliers.

Safe Detergents, Reliable Cleaning Machines

We use only eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions. You can rest assured that you and your children or pets are safe. Our detergents and cleaning methods will clean your home and make it allergen-free. All dirt, dust and stains will be gone and it will smell nice.

Experienced Cleaners, Insured Services

We are extremely careful when choosing our cleaners. We background check all of them and guarantee they are trained and experienced. Our cleaners know how to properly use the cleaning machines and apply the detergents. They strictly follow all safety and cleaning procedures.

Wide Availability, Amazing prices

We want to help as many people and businesses as possible. That is why we can provide you with our services any time you want, every day of the week, regardless of weekends and bank holidays. We've always tried to give the best cleaning services at the lowest possible prices.

Our motto was always that - to treat customers like they are part of the family.

Give people quality and care, make them happy!