Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to offer you basic answers to any inquiries of yours. For further questions, you can always contact us on the phone. Our staff would gladly help you! If you cannot find an answer to your query, simply contact our staff. They will gladly provide you with further details.

Can I choose the date of the cleaning service?

Yes of course. When you are guided through the booking process you will be asked to choose a specific day.

Are the cleaners fully insured?

Yes, they are. Our policy includes complete cleaners insurance and background check.

Do I have to provide any kind of cleaning supplies?

No, you do not. The cleaning teams carry all of the required cleaning equipment. You can check the website of our products here Prochem Cleaning Supplies

I am very pleased with the cleaning service that I’ve ordered. Is Regular cleaning an option?

Yes, of course. No matter the cleaning service we can easily arrange a regular weekly/monthly graphic. You will get the details by contacting our expert call agents.

Is there a minimum time frame requirement about the gardening services?

Yes, there is. We send a gardening cleaning team for at least 2 hours of work. For additional details, contact us.

Are you available on bank holidays and weekends?

Yes, we are available. All of the cleaning services are accessible during that period. You can easily contact our customer support representatives to receive a deal.

How long would take the cleaners to clean my furniture?

It depends. We have various offers and cleaning services all over London. We know that the cleaners are experienced and skilled enough to complete the job as fast as possible. Depending on the condition and the size of the task you will receive an estimated time frame.

What is your day-to-day working time?

The cleaning teams are available from 08.00 AM to 06.00 PM. Monday - Sunday. During official holidays and number of appointments, it may vary.

You will clean everything, right? Like 100% Guarantee?

Unfortunately, Ashlee House Cleaning cannot promise you that. Some stains and spills are too old to be treated properly. Others may have damaged your carpet, upholstery or material permanently. Here is the reason why you will receive a thorough pretreatment opinion every single time. The cleaners will show you what can be done.

How fast my sofa would be usable again?

It depends. First of all, a drying machine could be ordered additionally, it will save time. It may need up to 2 hours to be completely done. Secondly, it depends on the cleaning method. Dry or Steam cleaning, accordingly. For further questions please contact our agents.