Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing in London

Stone floors make your estate look classy and most people consider them to be easy to maintain. Same goes for tiles and laminate. Over time though, simple vacuum cleaning becomes more and more insufficient as dirt and grease layers stuck and spread all over the floor’s surface. Wooden floors lose their gloss and get covered by dozens of scratches and holes. Bath tiles also change their colour and become more greasy and hard to clean. When that time comes, professional hard floor cleaning is what you really need!


As an experienced London cleaning company, we are ready to help you restore your floor’s splendour any day of the year. You can book us 24/7 and receive a top class service any day of the week (bank holidays are no exception). We do a full set of floor care services at a price that will definitely fit your budget!


Our skilled hard floor cleaners are ready to help you right away, so why don’t you grab your phone and dial 020 3746 1366 - you can count on a same day even urgent appointment. No deposit for booking us; no hidden fees. Prices starting at £2.5 per sq.m. Call now!

Service Details

With more than 10 years of experience, Ashlee House Cleaning is the right company to call for a hard floor cleaning, polishing or scrubbing. Our cleaners are capable of treating any hard floor surface including stone, slate, granite, concrete, wood (laminate, hard wood, engineered wood flooring), tiles, terracotta and also vinyl.



We use powerful steam machines that will remove even the oldest greasy spots without damaging the surface (including delicate laminate and engineered wood flooring). This method is highly effective for cleaning tiles, slate, stone surface as it completely removes all filth and microbes. The detergents that we use are industry’s best - not only do they remove all impurities, but also protect the surface long after it's been treated. At the end, your floor will be sanitised, less slippery and will have the shiny looks you’ve long missed.


Polishing & Scrubbing

The first thing our cleaning technicians do when they arrive is a detailed floor condition check up followed by a quick hovering for dust and dirt removal. The wood must be clean and dust free before we move on to the next stage. Our team would then test the stain solution on a small or hidden area of the floor to see if any negative reaction occurs. Once we are sure the wood can handle the solution we would commence scrubbing with our professional drive pads. Afterwards, the floor is being rinsed and dried off. Finally, a layer of sealant is applied, the choice of which depends on the floor type - seal, wax or polish. This cap layer serves as a protection against stains and even scratches from smaller and softer objects. Keep in mind that our cleaners are also trained and fully equipped to effectively remove older sealants. So why not save money and instead of changing the old wooden floor, you let us revive it - the end result will amaze you!

Have Your Floor Clean & Smooth Today!

1st class hard floor cleaning & polishing is one of the things we are really good at. Then why don’t you grab your phone and call 020 3746 1366 or complete our quick booking form? Either way, our twenty-four-seven reps will contact you ASAP and offer you the best deal in London. We can offer you same day and emergency booking. Our quotes are not mandatory nor do we require a deposit.